Includes an account of the circumstances in which Mencken’s book was written and how it launched his lifelong friendship and collaboration with its editor, Theodore Dreiser. The authors also offer contemporary perspectives to highlight what has and has not changed in the care of infants.

From the American Journal of Diseases of Children: How’s that again? A baby book by H. L. Mencken, the great Baltimore, Md, curmudgeon? An oxymoron for sure! Amazing? Apparently not. In the summer of 1907, a physician, a magazine editor, and a reporter in Baltimore (Mencken) joined forces to prepare a series of magazine articles that culminated in a book entitled, What You Ought to Know about Your Baby (Butterick, 1910) … [The authors] review the collaboration of Mencken, Leonard Hershberg (the physician), and Theodore Dreiser (the magazine editor), and include a complete reproduction of the original text.

Hardcover: Hanley and Belfus, ISBN 0932883222

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