Sheds light on the development of the fields of pediatrics and child health during the nineteenth century.

From The New England Journal of Medicine: This interesting collection of historical essays was presented at the University of Michigan in September 2000 at a symposium named for the first professor of pediatrics, David Murray Cowie. It is not intended to be a comprehensive history of pediatrics or child health, but rather a book that highlights the interaction among medicine, sociology, and politics during the late 19th century and the 20th century … Each essay stands on its own, and yet all the essays carry the central theme that medical developments are heavily dependent on sociologic and political events, which greatly influence their recognition and acceptance. I recommend this book as good reading for everyone interested in the development of pediatrics and child health in the United States.

From the Journal of the American Medical Association: This volume of essays chronicles one hundred and twenty years of children’s health in the United States. The stimulating, well-referenced, diverse essays provide an excellent broad view of children’s health from the historical perspective. It should be read by anyone interested in the health and social well-being of children.

Hardcover, University of Michigan Press, ISBN 0472112686
Paperback, University of Michigan Press (2004), ISBN 0472089803

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