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On Day to Day, July 05, 2007 Four of the suspects detained in Britain’s terror plot investigation have been identified as doctors, a profession few would have thought could harbor a terrorist. Does the Hippocratic Oath — essentially a promise to protect life — apply to a doctor’s personal pursuits as well? Read more and…(Read More)

On Science Friday/Talk of the Nation, May 01, 2009 As swine flu cases surface around the world, authorities say a pandemic may be imminent. Ira Flatow and experts discuss the current outbreak, lessons learned from the scare of 1976, and whether government restrictions could tread on individual liberties if a pandemic occurs…. Read more…(Read More)

On All Things Considered, February 16, 2010 King Tutankhamen, known as Egypt’s boy pharaoh, probably spent much of his life in pain before dying at 19 from the combined effects of malaria and a broken leg, scientists say…. Read more and listen to the episode at…(Read More)

On Morning Edition, December 30, 2009 One of the biggest news stories of this year was about a new flu virus. People around the globe became sick with swine flu. On June 11, the World Health Organization declared the flu a pandemic. The virus nearly disappeared over the summer, but a second wave returned in…(Read More)

On All Things Considered, October 14, 2009 Despite evidence of its safety, some people are worried about the new H1N1 swine flu vaccine. Out of caution, the government is running a massive effort to look for problems…. Read more and listen to the episode at…(Read More)

On Tell Me More, September 9, 2009 H1N1, otherwise known as swine flu, is back in the news with outbreaks in colleges and schools around the country, including the University of Maryland at College Park, where almost 200 students are suspected to have the virus. Dr. Howard Markel, professor of pediatrics at the University of…(Read More)

On Talk of the Nation, May 12, 2009 The danger from swine flu may not be over, but many complain that the threat was overblown. Students have returned to their desks, and the World Health Organization sees no signs of the virus going from person to person outside of North America…. Read more and listen…(Read More)

On All Things Considered, September 30, 2008 Polls show that Americans are interested in the health of presidents and, by extension, candidates for president. But there’s a long history of not learning the complete story until long after a presidency is over…. Read more and listen to the episode at…(Read More)

Learning to Heal


On Morning Edition, April 4, 2002 Commentator Howard Markel addresses the training for doctors in America. Read more and listen to the episode at…(Read More)



On Morning Edition, October 11, 2001 Commentator Howard Markel, a Michigan pediatrician, talks about drugs such as Ritalin that are used to treat children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder…. Read more and listen to the episode at…(Read More)

On Morning Edition, January 9, 2001 Michigan pediatrician Howard Markel talks about the difficulties and dual loyalties of being a parent and a pediatrician, especially when one’s own child gets sick. Read more and listen to the episode at…(Read More)